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Extremely aware of environmental care and conservation, Extrutec, S.L.U. pays particular attention to the constant legislative and regulatory changes, assuming at all times the corresponding ecological responsibility that this involves and insisting on areas such as the use of regulated raw materials and the correct recycling of waste. We are supported in this endeavour by constant and fluid communication between the company and our suppliers of products and services.

In the manufacture of all our profiles, seals, weatherstrips, wood strips, rubber bands, mouldings, screens and other products, we enjoy constant collaboration with our national and international suppliers, meaning we are perfectly advised at all times on innovations and improvements in PVC plastic materials, thermoplastic rubber and other raw materials used. With them, we work together to develop specific, customized formulations adapted to the technical demands made by our customers.

Extrutec, S.L.U. still maintains the philosophy with which it began its journey more than 25 years ago and which is summarized in the search for a balance between outstanding product quality, flexible service adapted to the demands of our customers and prices adjusted to the changing reality of a market that tests us every day.