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Founded in 1992, Extrutec, S.L.U. is a Catalan company specializing in the manufacture of wood strips, weatherstrips, mouldings, rubber bands and plastic profiles, thermoplastic rubber and innovative biodegradable PVC derivatives for a wide range of industrial sectors, both nationally and internationally, using the extrusion method.

Specialized extruded seals and profiles for both thermal and acoustic sealing leads to a wide range of products that are widely used in sectors related to the manufacture of carpentry systems for both aluminium (with or without thermal break) and wood and PVC, also extending to others that require these features or other similar ones such as the air or water tightness needed in glass enclosures, curtain walls, glass façades or bath screens. Other diverse profiles such as those employed in food use, traditional or LED lighting, automotives, kitchen furniture and bathrooms, or others with very specific technical features, are common products in our catalogue.

Our 25 years of experience and work in a highly skilled team with a long history, together with modern, state-of-the-art machinery and modern facilities, allows us to offer the degree of essential versatility in our products necessary to obtain the quality levels and deadlines demanded by our customers.

Extrutec, S.L.U. has an internal department with a tooling and equipment workshop that, from the very beginning and through constant communication with the customer, provides advice, design, construction, correction, modification and maintenance of the tools necessary for the extrusion of our customers’ orders.